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Turbo-Digger power spade
construction site power line
constuction site building
Biolift 1260 soil injection for tree care
TerraTree injection device for tree care
pneumatic pile driver
air sade for cleaning and fertilizing

Technical solutions from MTM are geared to the daily challenges of civil engineering, horticulture, roofing, façade and interior space restoration as well as sports lawn maintenance and modern tree care. You are looking for tree care devices for soil injection, a simple air spade or the original pneumatic shovel the turbo digger? You found your place!

  • Lightweight and easy to use equipment for hard work.

  • Special tools for special applications.


  • Being faster, without losing your breath.

  • Doing what seems to be impossible.

Finding solutions...

pneuamtic work statio for multipal purposes
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