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Premium distributors of MTM Products

What are premium distributors?

Premium distributors are distributors of MTM products that qualified themselfs due to their sales numbers and responsible and customer friendly behavior that represents MTM as a trade mark in abroad!

They make sure that you have the possibility to receive MTM products from a local contact close to your base of operation.

Do I need to buy from a premium distributor?



We supply all countries directly as far as there is no exclusive contract between a premium distributor and MTM. In case you get refered to a premium distributor you can be sure to have a reliable partner for your purchase. Of yourse, the premium distributors can make better prices than a regular retailer due to their order quantity.

What can I do, if there is no premium distributor next to me?

You can look for local distributors who cooperate with MTM as a retailer or you can order directly at MTM Spindler & Schmid GmbH. We deliver world wide.


Caballo Living

Unit 1707, 17/F, Block A, New Trade Plaza

6, One Ping Street, Shatin.N.T


fon: 00852/2363 1925

fax: 00852/2365 6459



67 Rue d' Altkirch

68210 Hagenbach

fon: 0033-389 07 21 24

fax: 0033-389 45 21 02


Innlandet Trepleie

Nordheimvegen 106

2372 Brøttum

fon: 0047-62366618

fax: 0047-62364361



Krichbaumgasse 12/14

1120 Wien

fon: 0043-676-9520-569

fax: 0043-463-3813 21


Airtech Tools, LLC   

5415 Marilyn Drive

TN 37914    


fon: 001-865-250-4646 

fax: 001-877-215-4601

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