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Training, eductation and certification

The Nürnberger Schule is our partner in education and training. Together, we communicate knowledge about the correct handling of soil injectors and possibilities to improve soil quality. They can show you how to use rejuvation tools for soil fracturing properly.

Service, advice and tips from the professional

The Baumschule Lezdorf and the garden center Schittenhelm have been a reliable partner for years. Are you looking for contacts in the industry, do you need expert advice, or would you like to hire a reliable contractor? Contact the Gartencenter Schittenhelm directly via the button!

Application of soil additivs, fertilizers and water storage materials

For years, Compo has been a real brand name in the industry and cooperates with us when it comes to special projects to improve tree locations. The professionals at Compo know which active ingredient is best in which environment and how they can help with their expert knowledge. Compo offers some of the best materials for tree care on the market.

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