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MTM a reliable partner and its partners

We work with different partners all over the world. Of course, we sell MTM devices via distributors and re-sellers. Our partners in distribution are devided into regular distributors and premium distributors.

The "Premium distributors" page under the "Partners" button will show you some good places to go.

Selling machines is not the only intention of MTM  Spindler & Schmid GmbH. We are active in tree care since 1991 and try to improve methodes to help trees in urban areas. The application of an injection device is pretty simple but to do a good job needs a lot of experience or at least some good guidance.

We provide you with all the basics but if you are interested in a deeper understanding of soil, trees and good tree care, than you should attend some classes at a certified instructor.

Have a look at our "Qualified partners" program to get more information.

There is no negative feedback! We see every message from our customers as a chance to get better. But of course, we are always glad about some kind words, praises or just an awesome video about how to use your tools as an arborist properly including the MTM soil injection devices.

Please enjoy this great piece of art made by Bruno Lambrechts from Boomverzorging Bruno Bvba Belgium:

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